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Let Vaishali help you take advantage of the huge opportunities offered by cross cultural business and successfully overcome the challenges posed by different cultural practices. Whether you are a solopreneur based in London with clients of different nationalities in the UK or want to expand your brand worldwide, Vaishali’s marketing expertise will help your business venture flourish. 

In order to do that successfully, it’s important to understand the international nature of the world we live in, to know how to be more inclusive in your business and to ensure the business is diverse.


My vision and purpose are to impact people globally and with help, guidance and support from Vaishali I can make sure I am doing this with a thoughtful approach. My session with Vaishali was so helpful, insightful and invaluable to my business. I will definitely be working with Culturally Minded going forward to make sure I keep evolving with the shifting attitudes in the world and in line with my own purpose and values.

- Charlotte Balbier, Mindset & Business Mentor -

Helping businesses to move their brand into an international market 
How to be more inclusive in your business 
How to better understand the world we live in 
How to ensure the business is diverse 
How to break into different markets 


As the boundaries between countries continue to blur thanks to globalisation, competing on the world stage makes it mandatory for businesses to understand, appreciate and respect cultural diversity so that they can authentically connect with their colleagues, staff, customers and business associates, and ultimately create the desired success in their business ventures.

Vaishali will help you be mindful of how your brand message will be ‘heard’ in a particular culture and help you communicate your brand, values and messages in a way that is consistent with the sensitivities and nuances of that country or culture.

Cultural sensitivity – it matters