Set up by Vaishali Shah, she uses her 25 year marketing background, real-life experience and in-depth knowledge of different cultures to work with brands to unlock their potential. She will work with you to help your business attract a diverse audience and equip you with the understanding of cultural sensitivities relevant to your team, business contacts and country of interest.

I am here to serve every business, no matter the size. So that you can be culturally minded.

You want to broaden your horizons and ensure your business reflects societal changes and shifting attitudes

You want your business to be relevant and thoughtful in its approach to ensure authenticity and keep pace with the competition

You have staff and suppliers from diverse cultures who you want to interact positively with

You’re a sole trader who has started up a business out of a passion and you want to make sure that you are serving everybody

You’re a company who wants to connect with every part of your audience and sell your products or services internationally in a considerate way

Who I Work With

I am here to help you connect with your ideal client, wherever they are in the world.

Culturally Minded is a cultural consultancy helping businesses successfully overcome the challenges posed by cultural differences and sensitivities. I can help you communicate effectively, create a favourable impression, take advantage of opportunities, build trust and expand your brand reach nationally and internationally.

I am here to help you ensure your partnerships and collaborations can transcend cultural boundaries and to make sure that nothing is lost in translation.

Culture Speak - It Matters

- Valentina Ring, London Wedding Planner -

Vaishali was absolutely phenomenal! She took the time to understand my brand and made such insightful, useful suggestions on how to be more inclusive and welcoming to a wider audience - many of which I was able to implement straight away! As a small business owner, it really means a lot to me to be proud of my messaging, and having Vaishali's support has helped so much with this. She hits the perfect balance between expert professionalism and friendly approachability, and I felt so comfortable working with her to elevate the cultural sensitivity of my brand.
Highly recommended!

Vaishali Shah is an award-winning entrepreneur in business for 20 years.

Vaishali has a First Class Joint Honours Degree in International Management and French and also the Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma. She is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (FCIM) with 25 years of experience in marketing.

With staff based in the UK, Jersey and India, with a multi-lingual team, she has worked with clients across the globe, including London, Geneva, Dubai, Nairobi, Mauritius and Mumbai.

Philanthropy runs deep in her DNA, as does a strong work ethic, instilled in her from an early age. It’s an essential part of what drives her and makes her businesses the success they are today. She has advised various charities and served as a Trustee and is currently on the International Women's Academy Advisory Board and is an Ambassador for the Curry for Change campaign. 

A natural at making people feel at ease, Vaishali also set up and heads ‘Female Focus’, an exclusive global network for successful, influential businesswomen.

Vaishali is an avid follower of style and design and has a deep-rooted fondness for travel. All of these passions blend effectively at Culturally Minded.

Meet Vaishali

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